UK TPD Compliance: All You Need to Know

TPD Compliance—Meaning

The UK TPD Regulations
[EDITORS NOTE: These regulations are soon to be updated. Watch this space]

  • Vape products should be adequately packaged and made to be child-proof and tamper-evident.
  • The regulations prohibit the advertisement of e-liquids and other vape products on newspapers, television, and radio platforms.
  • E-liquid tanks should not exceed a capacity of 2ml and nicotine strength of 20mg/ml.
  • All tobacco products must contain a clear and stern warning label showing that the product contains nicotine, “which is a highly addictive substance.”
  • The maximum container size of vape juices containing nicotine is 10ml. Any product above this is non-compliant with the directives guarding the production of vape products.
  • Vape products should not contain additional chemicals and colourings, which can have detrimental effects.

The Importance of TPD Regulations in Vape Products

  1. To ensure consumer safety and health:
  1. Product Quality:
  1. Child Safety:
  1. Effective Communication:

Final Thoughts

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