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Introducing the TWIST SLIM 2600

Where innovation meets your feedback

Sky Hunter 2600 Twist Slim red and blue twisting


Discover a world of variety and convenience, all in the palm of your hand.


Keep going all day, with no need to stop. Small, pocket friendly, easy to use. Ready in seconds.

4 Flavours in 1

With 4 Flavours in every device. You’re not going to get bored. Change it up, with a TWIST. No mess, no buttons, quickly change between flavours.


Never miss a drop of liquid again. With a USB-C charging port. Your device never has to leave your side!


Fully TPD Compliant

TPD Compliant - Trading Standards Approved - MHRA Certified

Additional Information

Sky Hunter 2600 Twist Slim all device colours wheel

You talked, we listened!

Introducing the TWIST 2600 – where innovation meets your feedback. You talked, and we listened. With a sleek USB-C charging slot, the TWIST 2600 ensures you’re never caught without power. This pocket-friendly device still packs a punch, offering four incredible flavours in one. Pods are quick and easy to change, with no mess and no fuss.


Whether it’s for a night out or your everyday vape, the TWIST 2600 is ready straight out of the box, simplifying your experience and delivering the satisfaction you deserve. Elevate your vaping experience – get the TWIST 2600 today!


Red Device


Black Device


Blue Device


Silver Device


Pink Device

Simply plug your TWIST Slim via a USB-C cable into the bottom of the device to charge it and you’re good to go!

Once you start charging your TWIST SLIM, a blue light will be illuminated. Once this light turn off, know your device is fully charged! And one fully charged device can last up to 5 days approximately.

Your TWIST Slim is ready-to-use right after unboxing. No charging is required before it’s first use.

Switching to a new flavor in your TWIST Slim is easy. Simply twist the bottom part of the device to align the arrow with the desired pod’s flavour name displayed in the viewing window.

When a flavour on your TWIST Slim grows faint, it’s time to replace the used pod with a new one. Easily remove the used pod from the device & insert a fresh one to continue your smooth vaping experience.

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